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Passion Play 2024

Last year on Good Friday, more than 1,000 people came and witnessed a live open air performance depicting the final days of the life of Jesus, the Last Supper, the Betrayal, his Trial, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection.
Our production this year will take place on Friday 29th March in Cathedral Square in the centre of Worcester, starting at 10.30am.

Photos from Passion Play 2023
Copyright James Atkinson/JDA Media

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Passion Play 2024

Telling the story of the ultimate sacrifice

Passion Plays are dramatic presentations depicting the Passion of Jesus Christ: his trial, suffering and death, and resurrection.  They are performed in many cities around the UK and around the world and bring the true meaning of Easter to our streets.

In 2023, many of those watching were moved to tears by the emotion of the drama playing out before them in the heart of historic Worcester.

We invite you to come and see this amazing story for yourself this Easter! 


Image by Purple Swan Photography

Image by Purple Swan Photography

Seating and Accessibility

There are a limited number of seats available for this years performance - which must be booked in advance. There will be a section for those with wheelchairs or mobility scooters, and also an area set aside with a British Deaf Association sign language expert for those with hearing impairments.

For further details and to reserve seats - please email

Please remember that seats are limited and cannot be guaranteed.

Staging the Passion Play in Cathedral Square in Worcester costs around £20 per head. But we want it to remain a free event for everyone - which is why your donations are greatly appreciated 

Donate by bank transfer

You can donate by using the below details for a BACS transfer. If you are a tax-payer please fill the GiftAid form in and the charity can claim the tax back.

Worcester Passion Play,

Account: 45544260

Sort Code 309089

Donate using GoFundMe

We also have a Go Fundme page if you would like to donate that way. Every penny will help us tell the most important story. 

Please complete the GiftAid form if you are a tax payer as that would allow the charity to claim back tax from HMRC.

Why do we perform the Passion Play?

About Us

The story of Jesus and his crucifixion was arguably the biggest sacrifice with the greatest implications on humanity. For too many people this story is untold, so we at Passion Play Worcester want to bring this story to the people of Worcester and surrounding towns.


This Passion Play is presented by the Worcester Passion Play Ltd, Charity No: 1186228

This production is supported by a number of local churches, businesses, trusts and individuals.

Scenes of the Passion Play

  1. Palm Sunday – Jesus rides into Jerusalem

  2. The Temple Scene – Jesus upsets the traders

  3. The Jewish priests determine to arrest Jesus

  4. The Last Supper – Part One – Judas leaves

  5. The priests bribe Judas to betray Jesus

  6. The Last Supper – Part Two – Jesus and his disciples

  7. Gethsemane – the betrayal and arrest of Jesus

  8. Pilate, the Roman Governor, arrives in Jerusalem

  9. Peter, in the High Priest’s courtyard, denies knowing Jesus

  10. The trial of Jesus

  11. Jesus is condemned. He carries his cross through the streets to Golgotha

  12. The Crucifixion

  13. The Burial of Jesus

  14. The resurrection and ascension of Jesus

‘For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.’  John 3:16



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